About us

La Bodega de Santiago, in the shadow of the Ficus tree

Who are we ?

Welcome to La Bodega de Santiago, named after Santiago Eugenio, who founded this house in the 19th century

This is a pleasant place with honest and sociable owners, which we believe is very important in order to spend an excellent time. The number of faithful diners, who keep multiplying thanks to the carefully prepared traditional recipes, is proof of its success.


La Bodega de Santiago is a 200-year-old house, converted into a restaurant in the year 2005 in memory of Santiago Eugenio.

Santiago was one of the first to welcome the first visitors that arrived to the Fire Mountains.

The idea was to turn his house into a restaurant which offered something different, using the finest ingredients while surrounded by a wonderful landscape. After its renovation in 2003, it re-opened its doors as a restaurant on 16 February 2005.

Our touch

We are guided by our goal of offering our clients something different with the finest ingredients, while surrounded by a wonderful landscape.

That is why we order international and national meat such as Australian Black Angus Beef, Wagyu, suckling calf from the Valles del Esla, kid and lamb from Lanzarote and red Tuna, among many other varieties that we use.

In addition, our Chef prepares some typical dishes recovered from Santiago’s old recipes (the founder of the house). These dishes can be found in our menu under the name “Santiago-style”


We are aware of the new habits, and the importance of continuing to evolve in order to keep building up our own future.

Keeping up to date and learning to adapt to changes is important no matter what you do, that is why we take these two abilities very seriously in order to improve in all aspects of our business.

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